The Beauty of Kuakata beach is disappearing in the heart of the sea! সমুদ্র গর্ভে বিলীন হচ্ছে কুয়াকাটা সৈকতের সৌন্দর্য

The beauty of the tourist center Kuakata beach is constantly disappearing as a result of sand erosion day by day due to the waves of the sea. The abnormal tide of the current monsoon season has intensified the erosion. And the sand is eroding in the rush of the waves. In the meantime, a number of structures, including trees, have been destroyed by the abnormal tides and waves. At risk are tourism parks and public washrooms at zero points on the beach. Meanwhile, as the beach is submerged in tidal water, tourists are forced to stand on the road or at a slightly higher place to enjoy the huge amount of sea water.
Going to the ground, it can be seen that the roots of innumerable trees are scattered along the 18 km long beach in the waves and continuous sand erosion. The tree was uprooted due to the removal of sand from the roots of the tree due to the strong waves. Tourists are having a hard time swimming at high tide. Besides, the green belt of the beach, Kuakata National Park, shops and mosques and temples are at risk.
According to local sources, in the last ten years, thousands of coconut trees, various species of plants including Zhou forest and several structures near Kuakata beach have disappeared into the sea. There is no longer a walking zone on the beach at high tide. At present, local businessmen, investors and tourists have expressed concern over this. Meanwhile, the Kuakata Municipal Council has temporarily started work to prevent the eruption.
Masum Billah, a tourist visiting Kuakata, said the beach is submerged during high tide. At this time you have to enjoy the huge amount of water in the sea by standing on the road or at a little higher place. In addition, there is a serious risk of bathing the roots of the trees lying on the beach or the bricks of various installations. These need to be removed, he said.
AM Mizanur Rahman Bullet, a member of the beach management committee, said Kuakata beach, a popular tourist destination for sunrise and sunset viewing, is becoming uninhabitable. Several trees have already been destroyed due to sand erosion caused by the waves of the sea. The beach will lose its beauty if there is constant sand erosion. So he thinks it is necessary to prevent sand erosion on the beach on an emergency basis.
Kuakata Municipal Mayor A: Barek Mollah said protecting the beach is not possible for the Kuakata Municipal Council alone. Although the Water Development Board has been informed repeatedly, they are not giving importance. Even after that, more than five hundred sand filled geo bags have been thrown to protect the public wash room and Zero Point Road. He sought the immediate intervention of the Prime Minister to prevent the erosion of the beach.
Md. Waliuzzaman, executive engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board (Paubo) Kalapara Circle, said there is currently no project for the sand that is being eroded. If there is a major breakage, work will be done on an emergency basis. A plan has been drawn up to protect Kuakata beach, he told reporters.

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