We should think about education system: Afifah Momtaj

When we’re seeing at the children of our country then this has to see that injustice that denies children from their right.

Maximum children of our country dropped out before completing primary schooling only for poverty or inadequate financial help.

Our country Bangladesh, as a developing country wants to achieve the middle income -economy status. Behind this status,

how much poor child Couldn’t afford their study cost that has no idea. According to UNICEF estimates, approximately 2.9 million children of primary school age (6-10 years) Don’t regularly attend school.

Here must have a question about Schooling. Does Schooling always lead to learning? As we came from school then why don’t we help other children for becoming literate children?

Why don’t we take any steps as an encouraging community? We are educated,

we completed our study from a school so we can use our lesson by helping those children who are not in a situation to afford their one’s learning.

We shouldn’t combine our thought or our lesson with an initial interest such as a job or for economically help but we can use our lesson to advance our strategic plan and create a country where every child learns.

In our surrounding area, we can count those children who are excluded based on gender, disability, Poverty,

ethnicity, and language. We should help them for developing their self-knowledge and the ability to assess their performance through their

studying and learning I know we haven’t enough money for providing an educational help but we have a creative knowledge and skill and by

changing our teaching methods if we help them in our area then one day our area will provide learning opportunities to the other area.

As supportive supervision, hopefully, we can change our community. Every child has the right to learn. So we have to take this responsibility to make sure of every child of our country can reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and learning.

Writer: Afifah Momtaj

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